Why Beard Pomade Shouldn’t Be Used to Maintain Your Beard

Beard pomade really isn’t any different to the normal pomade you get for your head hair; it’s just that it’s beard friendly so will not harm your beard pomade in the long or short term with prolonged use. It is mostly made from butters, waxes, essential oils and carrier oils (again, to give the scent) but in some respects it comes from the very same type of family as traditional beard butters. What this means is that some people will actually prefer their new pomades to the regular ones because they feel that the beard pomades are more concentrated and have more natural scent to them than the regular ones do. The problem is, what if you already have a great-looking beard?

Beard pomade – The best thing about these products

If you do have a beard and are looking for a way to maintain it without the help of a beard pomade, there is still hope. First of all, you should try to use a product such as a beard balm. These products have been around for a very long time and are actually quite popular now that most of the big companies like to use them to help promote their products.

The basic idea behind these products is that the product will have enough of the essential oil or fragrance you like, but it will not be strong enough to be overpowering to the other scents in your skin. This is because most of us have a pretty strong facial aroma already in our skin which can be overpowering if we don’t use the right product to balance it.

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