Using Motion Graphics Make Statistics Sexy Again

motion [moh shuhn] noun

the activity or even process of transferring or of changing position or place; movement.
power of action, as of a living body.
graphics [graf-iks] noun

the art of drawing the titles, credits, subtitles, announcements, etc., shown on the screen before, or perhaps during, a movie or tv viewing program.
“There isn’t any universally accepted definition for the definition of motion graphics. It usually refers to the activity or perhaps animation of artistic elements, shapes, letters, or words, sometimes within three dimensional space.”
Statistics are boring. They’re very potent tools, plus are necessary to back up virtually all assertions, though the fact remains; they put us to sleep. In spite of how relevant and impactful they’re, a summary of figures on a display screen or perhaps a web page won’t effectively convey a message.

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As marketing experts who understand how essential statistics are, our problem is to present them in ways that engages folks without lowering the impact of the information. We realize that video is now the most powerful tool to convey messages, based on mobile web and technology growth, video will be the easiest and fastest method to achieve target markets. How can we successfully incorporate very important but tasteless information into video? Motion graphics.

Figures would be the speediest method to prove a claim credible. Say I announce the amount of web users around the world is exploding at an incredible speed. Needless to say this is a generally accepted simple fact, though with certain statistics not simply can I prove and quantify that claim, but I also can enhance the impact as a result of the staggering color of the quantities.

I understand that in December of 1995 there were sixteen million worldwide online users and in March of 2012 there have been 2.28 billion internet users. That is a rise of over 14,000 % in less than twenty years. Around thirty % of the world’s population is today using the web. The numbers drive the point home for me.

Nonetheless, in case I was conveying all this information for you via an article this way, and possess a droning voice over beat you over the top with them inside a video, the effect is lost, or at least lessened. Motion graphics enables the real utilization of data, in a branded and visually appealing video format which is informative and simultaneously entertaining.

The degree of creativity with motion graphics is just limited by the designers imagination. They alsocan be more painless and more affordable to make because motion graphics are computer generated, and also do not have to have a live video shoot. Typography, images, effects, 3-D animations, music, the list of features which can be integrated into a motion graphics video is endless.

Our task is taking our customer’s message, generate quality content and look for an excellent platform to clearly show it, in order to convey the objectives to our customer’s targets. By using motion graphics together with video as well as web based video promotions, we can take customarily boring information that’s hard to engage consumers with and also creatively inform our targets.

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