To Hire or Not, Key Things to Look for in a Marketing Agency Partner

You may be asked often to determine the issue of whether you want to employ an external advertising firm — whether you probably interact regularly with the company or simply comment on yours because you understand the organisational complexity, lifestyle and character.

If you are hiring a creative agency, for example, a final decision would most probably be made by the marketing committee and/or executive team, but that does not guarantee that you will not be asked to give your opinion on the decision-making panel at the end or that your decision may be requested to participate in the first weeding process.

If the partner is an innovative, company, affiliate or maybe technology firm, when you recruit an agency partner you can find tips to track and filter out. Whatever partner you try to hire, they all contribute to the success of your company.

Digital Marketing Agency Partnerships: Things to Consider When Choosing  Your Partner

Experience in the industry? Is the organisation dealing with companies from B2B or B2C? Is the organisation aware of your target market? You don’t have to be literal as an accounting company and you just want to find an organisation of accounting firms. However, it is most definitely a good fit to be an accounting business and to find a sales and marketing agency partnering with professional services firms.

Touch on a regular basis? In certain instances, the person who sells to you is not the person with whom you work everyday. Make sure that the organisation has an appointed project manager and communicate before committing. Will a personality match be there? Could that person see a finishing project?

Structure of payment? Does the firm work on a monthly retainer or is it a flat fee for each project? Will it be a payment plan based on milestones or probably monthly? You may think you compare “apples to apples” but you are not compared with prices. You’ll not see the whole picture if you just inquire for hourly rates.

Reputation of the industry? Creativity and awards in business are not everything, but it is best to reward an organisation by its peers for its work. Ask them for concept awards, technology praise, awards for customer service, marketer awards, etc.

Will the business preach what they do? How can your very own agency stand out for targeted keyword phrases, if an agency supposedly excels in SEO? If an agency tells you that web design is great, do they have a wonderful site with a simple user interface? If an agency trusts in marketing tactics for its consumers, they should train them.

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Metrics? Metrics Awards are outstanding but what effect did an organisation have on consumer procurement, website conversion, visits to our websites, sales, etc.?

Reference? Reference? Both agencies will have brilliant reports and information on their website and their suggestions. However, ask them about a random project in their portfolio and ask for a customer reference. If they highlight the work, they should speak for themselves with that client. In addition, ask them to include a reference from their own network or sellers of experts in their group with whom they deal or who may have a clear schedule in their relationship.

The “company that they keep.” drives part of the success of any organisation. Corporate partners, suppliers, subsidiaries and clients will contribute to deciding the accomplishment, credibility and development that a company can grow. Help ensure that your company goes in the right direction by selecting the partner advertising agencies you add to your team.

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