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The Easy Way to Repair Your Shutter

These are just a few shutter repair method, you can perform yourself. If you choose this method, you can save a lot of money compared to hiring a window repair specialist. There are many other tips available online that will help you improve your shutter’s functionality. But before you start your project, make sure you are confident that you know what you are doing!

How to repair a shutter

Do you have a shutter with broken shutter rod and missing shutter shades? Do you feel that the shutter is not properly closing and opening? You can correct both problems with the same DIY repair method. If your shutter has broken rod or missing shades, then you need to consider repairing it yourself.

Repairing broken shutter staples – will fix the problem if you replace the broken staples and have been bent from the horizontal or vertical bars. Replacing plantation shades or louvers – if the horizontal or vertical sliders on the shutters have come loose or have been pushed out of place, the team will fix it for you. Fixing plantation louvers – if the plantation louver is completely broken, the best option is to replace them. Some experts recommend replacing plantation louver all together in order to prevent damage to your shutter. You can also use a window repair tool to repair your plantation louver. Replacing shutter shades or shutters – if your shutter shades are not installed properly, you can get the replacement parts from your local hardware store.


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