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Like many other MMO bloggers and players and longtime EverQuest fans, I am playing Landmark a bit. Not quite as much as others because I’m gearing up for the biggest exam of my life (real estate license) and life is crazy right now….but enough that I’ve formed some early thoughts on the experience thus far.


Hanging out with Firiona Vie

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Year of EverQuest event last Friday at the SOE headquarters here in San Diego. It was a neat event with a ton of fans of the franchise coming together in excitement to get their hands on Landmark almost 8 hours before the rest of the alpha testers were let in. It was a fun experience. We were separated into groups (which made the size manageable) and we received a live demo from Eric Smith, Associate Producer for Everquest Next. After showing us the tools, we all went into a room with some beastly PC setups and were set free for about 15 minutes. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures while I was in there, but I made some silly happy face while I familiarized myself with the tools. The first time my pickaxe sunk into the ground I thought “wow” as I watched the terrain change. It has a feel to it that no experience I have played before has given me — a real almost tactile feel to forging your way into the earth in a 3D world. Immensely powerful.

Friday night I gained my own alpha access and tried to play for a bit, but the login servers and platform were plagued with load and I decided not to fight with it. I tried to roam around but had a lot of rubber banding and loading issues that prevented me from enjoying the game that night. Unfortunately, I didn’t take screenshots either because I figured the NDA would be hovering around for awhile. Oh well.

Satta king chart

I’ve been spending a lot of my time harvesting. This game requires a. ton of harvesting. To be completely honest, it’s too much for me. But I do not fall into the segment of players who will find most of my enjoyment in Landmark by building. I am definitely the explorer type in sandbox games. My time in Second Life was almost 100% spent on running around and admiring other people’s creations. I think it’s fascinating to see what others can make. However, I want to get a feel for how difficult the crafting is so that I can appreciate other players’ handiwork even more — which is why I’ve decided to try gathering and building a bit for comparison’s sake. I have a claim now on the Dome world on the Serenity server, and I was fortunate that it’s not too far away from the spires so I can easily teleport to different worlds for my exploring fix.


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