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Welcome to our website, we will show you a Charlotte NC sightseeing experience that gives you the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat of a 4×4. We offer a touring adventure that you will never forget in NC, for more information on our tours click on the tour icon on the left. For you visual types who want to see what scenery you might see on our tours click on the Photo Gallery icon at the top of our website.

We were founded with the express purpose of enjoying off-roading and socializing with other like-minded folks within our community. We four-wheel by the creed that we are stewards of the outdoors and must preserve it for the generations that will follow us. In doing so, we always …. tread lightly! ®



‘Get Bent’ doesn’t force you to listen to music by some unknown band you really don’t care about. Music is sparingly used for interludes, not a soundtrack. So instead, we put the mirophones on the rocks and on the rigs, focusing on the real sounds of four wheeling—all the crunching metal, scraping rocks, and squeaking parts of a real wheelin’ trip. Yeah, it takes more work to capture authentic wheelin’ sounds, but your ears will appreciate it. You can also get Off Road Modifications when from Primal4x4.


‘Get Bent’ covers real people out wheelin real trails in their own rigs. Sure we think competition Rockcrawling is cool, but ‘Get Bent’ is focused on recreational trail riding and rockcrawling. The first episode features the Katemcy Rocks off-road park in central Texas. The famous Texas pink granite makes it one of the most unique wheelin locations in the country, with Moab-like traction. Future episodes will feature a variety of locations all across the United States.


Every episode of the ‘Get Bent’ DVD series showcases what it’s really like out there on the trails. We don’t try to artifically ‘pump’ it up with loud music, and we don’t try to make it more ‘hardcore’ by showing nothing but the big dawgs. Instead, ‘Get Bent’ presents the authentic wheelin experience. Sometimes that means a stocker on an scenic trail. And sometimes that means a hardcore buggy bashing it up on the rocks.

Make Your Meals More Satisfying and Still Healthy

Avoid foodstuff that come in cans, or are dried or frozen, or full of chemicals, and so on. They will not only do harm to your health in the long term, but also hinder your weight loss goals in the short term.


Make Your Meals More Satisfying and Still Healthy

There are a few tricks you can use to keep following ‘healthy meal plans lose weight’ approach and you can lose 30 pounds in two weeks.

For example, make quality protein and some healthy fat (yeah, there are some healthy ones!) a regular staple of each of your meals. That will help you feel fuller and keep hunger away.

For proteins, try organic poultry, natural meats, fish or organic whole eggs. On the other hand, coconut oil, avocado, raw nuts, olive oil, beans and again fish are great sources of healthy fats.

Vegetables are also one of your best friends when it comes to stick with a ‘healthy meal plans lose weight’ system and still be happy with what you eat. That’s because, besides having lots of fiber — which expand in the stomach — they digest slowly, therefore making you feel full longer.

And there is also water: drink lots of it during your day, plus a full glass before each meal. That’s another good help to curb hunger.

So as you can see, there is no need to suffer in order to shed the excess pounds and get in great shape. The key is to just keep in mind that the ones who adhere to healthy meal plans lose weight without having to fell hungry. If you follow that lead, you’ll see how much easier everything will be.

To discover even more great tips, plus specific directions and meal plans that will put your weight loss in overdrive, please click the link below:

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