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Looking for Shoulder Pads?

Arguably the most important position on the field is that of the quarterback. Protection wise however, the quarterback presents numerous challenges to equipment manufacturing companies. There are many different way to play quarterback, each presenting different obstacles with how Quarterback Shoulder Pads are created. On one end, if the shoulder pads are too bulky than a mobile quarterback will not be able to move as quickly and as efficiently as they would like. However, if the shoulder pads are too thin than the quarterback is at a huge risk for injury when trying to avoid sacks and tackles from the opposing defense that have the goal of hitting the quarterback as hard as possible.


As such, Shoulder Pads for Quarterbacks represent a bit of a middle ground in the shoulder pad industry. These pads are just big enough to keep the quarterback protected while still allowing them to move comfortably through the pocket and when escaping tacklers.

Any player playing one of the running back positions can expect to be hit quite a bit! As such a good fitting set of Running Back Shoulder Pads are required. Like quarterbacks, there are many playing styles used by running backs. Some are quick and shifty whereas others like to go inside exerting as much power as possible. Either way, a running back probably endures the most contact each and every game. Remember, even if a running back is able to reach the end zone without being tackled, he/she will more than likely make some sort of contact with opposing defenders during the run. More often than not however, the running back will be tackled by a larger lineman, or a hard-hitting linebacker.

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