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How Flower Arrangements Are Used in the Wedding

Flower arrangement or decorative art is the process of arranging various plants and flowers into an eye-catchy and well balanced display. Evidence of fine floral art has been seen as far back as the ancient culture of Ancient Egypt. It was also used by the early Greeks in their architecture, in the form of the tussocks of Athens and in their gardens. Today, it has a more formal and sophisticated form and is usually used for weddings.

Flower arrangements can be made from many materials such as glass, clay, porcelain, metal and wood. Glass arrangements are usually seen as the most beautiful but unfortunately it tends to break easily. Porcelain arrangements on the other hand are very fragile and can be broken with a mere snap of the finger. Wood and metal arrangements tend to be expensive and therefore very rarely used. Metal designs are preferred mainly because they are long lasting and do not break easily. There are many types of flower arrangements available in the market today, which include:

Flower arrangements for wedding and engagement are a must. They should reflect your personality and taste, as well as compliment your theme for the wedding. It should also complement the theme of the reception too. Choosing the right kind of floral arrangement for your wedding can help you turn your dreams of a perfect day into reality.



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