History Of A Fortune Teller

Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand was a French cartomancer – the art and proficiency of fortune telling through the use of a deck of cards – during one of the revolutionary times in France’s history. She also used palmistry and tarot among other tools to learn her art, her services being wanted by some of many influential individuals of the time.

Early psychic power – and her very first position of trouble!

Lenormand was raised by 2 parents who, through the sad loss of her own parents, were not her blood relatives. But, Cartomanti Amore were after her and the siblings of her very well, sending them to college. Showing psychic abilities from the era of 7 years, she predicted the downfall of Mother Superior at the school of her and who her successor will be. Despite coming true, it still landed a young Lenormand in trouble.


At fourteen years of age, Lenormand was apprenticed to some milliners in Paris but quickly set up herself in place as a bookseller and secretary, that was a front to her true occupation – that associated with a professional fortune teller.

As her small business grew, so did her fame. Lenormand was a clever young woman that realised early on which for her business to develop she needed to market herself – and even acquire the’ right’ clients. The list of her of noble and notable clients is extensive and also has Tsar Alexander of Russia, French influencers of the precious time such as Robespierre, Talleyrand and Princess de Lamballe, to name just 4.


Lenormand was imprisoned on several occasions but it was the first stint in jail which usually brought her into contact with a lady that could change her from a’ backstreet’ fortune teller, to a girl that was both admired, yet viewed with suspicion.

Approached by a woman in jail who had learned of her extraordinary gift, Lenormand soon found this woman had an incredible future; forecasting a dreadful misfortune, followed by re marriage to a man who’d climb to the top part, Lenormand found she was to be the expert fortune teller and confidante to Josephine Bonaparte.

Fortune teller, spy or fraud?

Not everyone agreed that Lenormand was endowed with psychic powers, with Napoleon himself detesting the power that he felt she exercised over his broad. Nonetheless, in Lenormand defence, she was did not have charges of fraud levelled at her, as several of her contemporary’ psychics’ had.

She enjoyed a long and illustrious career at a time and in a country that was rife with unease, along with being a fortune teller, a method which at the moment was illegal. She retired back to the native village of her, wealthy and happy in life that is later.

Fortune tellers, mediums and psychics are able to discover a good deal from the conduct of Lenormand, particularly how she carried on the practice of her in the face of opposition and criticism. After the death of her, a deck of tarot cards happened to be named in the honour of her, an accolade surely all mediums and psychics would aspire to?

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