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Good termite control phoenix

Good termite control phoenix has a 98% accuracy rate whereas the average human inspector is actually lower than 30%. She can check a whole room in a fraction of the time it takes a human to do the same size room. The  Good termite control phoenix was trained by the same great instructor that trains arson, drug and bomb detecting dogs for law enforcement including the police and the FBI.


Good termite control phoenix

There are 2 major reasons for using bed bug heat treatments:

1. SAFETY – This is an extremely safe and effective non-chemical alternative for bed bug control. Heat is quickly becoming the most widly used treatment because it is 100% organic and non-toxic. Also, no odor or residue with heat!

2. Bed bug heat treatments and general pest control are effective in one application, with most complete in just one day. With heat you only have to treat the infested area as well!

Bed bugs actually parasites the would rather feed on human blood than anything else. Genus cimex is the name for this species which are a member of the cimicidae family. Bed bug bites can cause allergies, different types of skin rashes, and even certain psychological effects. Bed bugs are usually nocturnal but they can feed on their host without being noticed during the day as well.


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