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Good Retaining wall builders adelaide

Retaining wall builders adelaide panels are lifted into position and then braced. The posts are poured with concrete after the panels are in the correct position. This increases speed of installation. Alignment is adjusted before all of the piers are quickly locked in place.

Concealed Expansion Joint
The expansion joints are neatly concealed behind the overlapping section, 100mm expansion joint foam is placed in the joint and then texture coated to form a seamless, solid wall.

Construction Process
1. Pier holes are dug to engineer’s specifications.
2. The panel section is lifted from the foot anchor with a lifting clutch and excavator, loader or crane. Note 1m standard panel weighs approximately 650kg.
3. The 20mm rods are screwed into place. A bitumen sealer is applied around the connections. The ligature cage is slid over the rods and wire tied.
4. The panel is lowered into position with 100mm foam expansion joint filler in the expansion joint. The reinforcing hangs free in the pier hole with 50mm clearance.
5. The adjusting brace is attached.
6. Braces are adjusted so the panels are vertical and alignment is checked.
7. Pier holes are filled with concrete.
8. Once the concrete is set, the braces are removed.
9. Builders plastic, agricultural drain and gravel are then installed.
10. Finishes to match your home or design will complete your modern retaining wall.



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