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As a Property Owner we know unexpected waterproofing can be a real stressful time for you. Making sure your home stays protected against the elements, while ensuring your hard earned savings doesn’t just evaporate, is of great importance.Roof Repair Charlotte NC was set up so we can offer you the best roofing material available that has been proven to last over 50 years for around the same cost as traditional materials on smaller roofs, or with huge savings on larger roofs, while coming with a 20 year guarantee from ourselves and the products manufacturer.

What’s more is the added peace of mind knowing not only do you have a 20 year guarantee, but Prelasti will remain 100% waterproof with no maintenance required. This is due to Prelasti’s manufacturing process ensuring joins are vulcanized (a similar process to retread your car tire) in the factory in ideal working conditions under 6 bar of pressure and 200°C. This means these joins are guaranteed to be as strong as the EPDM roof covering itself.

It is well known that the majority of leaks and other problems are caused by poor workmanship on site, but with the Prelasti EPDM system being made to measure and having vulcanized seams, it eliminates these workmanship issues.

Regardless of the complexity of your roof whether it be skylights, down pipes or extractors and unlike other roofing systems Prelasti EPDM is the ideal choice. We have special preformed pieces to ensure skylights and other penetrations are fully sealed. These are issues with other materials but are eliminated with the Prelasti system which has been designed to deal with these common problems.



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