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Don’t Let Your Children Play Online Games With Unsecured Internet Access

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Playing online games is becoming more popular and is probably one of the most popular pastimes of today’s youth. Many teens play online games with friends as part of in-person relationships. However, many teens also play games with other people that they don’t necessarily know face to face or people that are not friends. Among teenagers who play online games alone, 90% of those networked-gamers are actually playing these games alone (for an estimate of 90% of all online-gamers) or with people they hardly know in person (again, for an estimate of 85% of online-gamers). Greatest games here!

Nowadays, it seems that it is just as OK to play online games by ourselves as it is to play online games with our friends. Yes, it is our own kids that are making us want to play online games. And when we play with our friends, we are not sharing our personal information like our address, phone number, and parents’ cell phone numbers. We also don’t have to worry about the safety of our personal information when we play online games. There is no need to worry about giving away our private and sensitive information like our address, phone numbers, our parents’ phone numbers, and our home addresses if we don’t want to.

That’s why we as parents should be careful enough when we play online games. We should also be careful enough about the things we say and the things we sign up for when we join a networking site or a social networking site. Just because we play video games online doesn’t mean we can’t still be trusted. We just need to remember to play video games within our means and to keep our privacy controls in place.

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