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Playing Nice With YouTube

YouTube is obviously the world’s largest video sharing website. And since Google acquired it late in 2006, there is still a lot of debate about how Google will move towards YouTube. Many marketers (including myself) have been very good at using YouTube to make many visitors for a long time. Unfortunately many advertisers have overcome their limits and violated YouTube’s Service Terms by developing multiple profiles, overloading keywords and tags at the expense of content, using software-type “friend getter” and a variety of other “black hat” tactics. Sadly, these tactical have also been marketed by many of today’s top trainers and advertisers.

The biggest kid on the block was used to Google. If you have some Google Ad Words experience, you know that Google continuously updates their algorithms to better their services. What this means is that advertisers (read: us marketers) have to change these changes constantly because they realise they are part of the rates that we afford.

YouTube joined the bullying act a few weeks ago. THOUSANDS of YouTube accounts were SHUT DOWN without any warning in an effort to enforce the terms of their operation. Network Marketers owned most of these accounts. Some of the people I talk with daily, were famous top earners. Many of these people have not resorted and now have lost an immense amount of hours of good will and work that they have done on their networks. Really disturbing. I’ve only heard of a few serious circumstances in which YouTube has restored accounts, which were removed after several of the posts.

The obvious lesson in this is that strategies of black hat will only do the job for so much time. If you are in this long-term game (and I hope you are) then you must realise that you are building a brand. YOU are the brand. And an essential part of the brand should come from YouTube. Therefore, you will advance successfully and never become the new victim of YouTube…

Let me share some pointers for a fun YouTube game…

Have just one ISP account for YouTube.

Never spam videos, names, or probably marks. Descriptions will provide a link to your website and will definitely also be “keyword rich,” but they must read smoothly and provide also an accurate summary of the video.

Do not buy YouTube views anymore.

Do not use TubeBlasterPro’s automatic “friend getter” Network and link up on YouTube like you would on any other social networking platform like Facebook, etc.

Do not download duplicate material. If you have to make a lot of video changes, you change the title, change the start/finish, change the format, and so on. However, ask yourself: does the brand new video actually have brand new content? If not, prior to upload, I would hesitate.

To know more : Check Read About youtube vanced

Using the platform for marketing purposes. If you show your leadership assets, your channel needs to be Filled with great content. This very good content will attract customers to you, and you will get a lot from this approach in the end.

For your own personal branding use the YouTube channel of yours (see #6).

Shut off Automatically if you have more than just one YouTube channel.

CANCEL the email address of your principal account if you delete YouTube accounts.

CANGE your IP address if you delete YouTube accounts. If you don’t know exactly how to do this, go to whatismyip dot com.

Don’t upload YouTube videos via automatic traffic geyser uploading of apps. Although it’s a great tool, Youtube finds out when this specific software publishes videos.

Don’t use your copyright-protected music in your videos. I can buy some fantastic free royalty music really cheaply from Audio Jungle. I suggest using them. – I recommend using them.

There are, of course, just orders. If you have problems, I would advise you to read YouTube Service Conditions (TOS) in order to make sure that you are up to date. YouTube is a vital tool in your marketing tool, but it needs to be correctly used like every other good tool.

Videoland see you! See you!

Best, best, best.

Yeah, checky.

Jeff Schechter Shechter…

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