Be Yourself When Writing Guest Posts

One of the bad habit for writers when writing guest posts is – being someone else.

You might experience reading guest posts written by same author however the style of the posts are obviously different and in some cases you might find the points are contradict between each posts!

That’s why you have to be yourself when writing guest posts. And even your article had pulled a lot of comments and feedback, you can’t be proud of it as it is not you in the article.

Webmaster will be happy because they got good articles but the benefits might not be flowing to your own site. So what’s the point of spending your time to construct Guest Post outreach? You might successful in getting backlink but it’s not the ultimate shot that we want because writing guest posts should expose ourselves while improving our performance in writing skills.


You know why I’m saying this?

Because some guest writers are not confident with themselves so they just paste & rewrite from other articles and remix it. And when the different guest posts under same author are compared, they’re totally contradict between each other.


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