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70th Birthday Gifts for Dad

Here are some of the ideas for 70th Birthday Gifts for Dad

  • Beer and wine bottle or glass set: If your father is a wine lover, then you can get the best quality beer or wine bottle from the nearby store and gift him. Although, a best quality wine is a little bit expensive, but it will bring a great smile on the face of your father when he will see it. He will always remember your gift and will bless you. Apart from the beer or wine bottle gift idea, you can also buy beer or wine glasses. A set of fine wine glass will be always with him whenever he will enjoy drinks along with his friends. It will refresh his memory and can make him proud for his son’s initiative as one of the 70th Birthday Gift ideas for dad.
  • A life story book of your father: Although this idea is very difficult, but if you really love your father you will be able to do it easily. You will just need to collect the different moments of your father’s life and prepare a book with the life story of your dad. You can add some memorable photographs, which can remind him of the happiest moments of his life such as when he spent a holiday with his family or when he got any achievement or award in his life.

No gift is BIG or SMALL, but anything gifted from heart surely conveys a message towards your near and dear ones. So, try anyone of the above as the 70th Birthday Gifts idea for dad now!



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